Plymouth Create: Build Your Digital Identity

Did you know that Plymouth State University offers free web hosting and domains for students, staff, and faculty?  

This initiative, called Plymouth Create, is Plymouth State University’s version of the Domain of One’s Own project. Started at the University of Mary Washington, Domain of One’s Own sought to give students a place to plant their digital footprint on the web.

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Hannah Davidson on Open and Accessibility

Hannah Davidson doesn’t want to just research the link between open education and accessibility; she wants to put theory into practice by placing her research on an open platform.  

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Why I Chose a Signature Project Course

This is my last semester of college as a student at Plymouth State University, and the first semester that Signature Project courses are being offered.

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Twine Prototype Update

For those reading from Ryan’s personal blog: check out the Signature Project class site for more details on the course.

Our class has moved forward with building an outward journey map for prospective students using Twine.

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