“The Rights of Woman”: Feminist or Femi-not?

At first glance, “The Rights of Woman” seems to be a cry for female equality. Written in 1792 by Anna Barbauld, the bulk of the poem beckons women to assert themselves in male dominated, Romantic Period England.

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For my Digital Literature course final, I created a game. But this is not just a game: it is a Real-Person fanfiction-style game that features Plymouth State and everyone from the Digitalit class!

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Dr. Sarah Parrish and the Open Textbook of Contemporary Art

At Plymouth State University, Dr. Sarah Parrish is preparing to remove the barriers around contemporary art by having students author an open textbook.

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“Graphic Novels Are Not Literature”

“Graphic novels aren’t literature; they’re art.”

To some, comparing graphic novels to traditional literature just doesn’t make sense. How can a book that is so heavy on images be studied like a traditional novel?

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